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Signs of Recovery

Merkel One

The Good, the Bad and the In Between

As FlightRadar24 is now reporting increased traffic, here’s a list of airlines who have announced where and when they’ll be flying. Daily departures from mainland China’s 25 busiest airports is only showing 31% down on late-January. Total number tracked +10% over the last 7 days and +30% over past 30 days. However, the overall figure remains around half normally recorded. Many international carriers have resumed, in some cases with increased flight frequency.

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Aircraft Parachutes

airplane parachute

Saving Lives in General Aviation

On 31 May 2020, a Cirrus SR22 G-CTAM carried out an emergency landing in the UK, using a parachute attached to the airframe. FR24 records the aircraft took off from Exeter, ditching in the sea off Calshot Hampshire. Both occupants were uninjured. Portsmouth-based Plane Finder also tracked the aircraft as the transponder remained active throughout.

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Aircraft Call Signs

Call Signs

How aircraft communicate with Air Traffic Control

A call sign is used to distinguish one aircraft from another. In general aviation, it’s the registration using the ICAO phonetic alphabet. For ease of communication, the call sign is often abbreviated after initial ATC contact. For example, G-OSCH or Golf Oscar Sierra Charlie Hotel becomes Golf Charlie Hotel. The military use more than one style, depending on type of flight and operating country. 

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Future of the A380


What's next for the A380?

Even before the current pandemic took hold, some operators intended to dispose of a few A380s.

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Airport Names

Airport Name

Why some countries do and others don’t…

Whether spotting or travelling through a named airport, have you ever wondered who is immortalised above the entrance door. Many countries acknowledge their heroes including politicians, aviators, freedom fighters, explorers, sports people, actors or musicians.

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