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Climate Change - Part 2

Queue to climb Everest

Discussions from Davos

The World Economic Forum covered many subjects including cybersecurity, famine, migration and gender diversity. The Forum’s website contains plenty to read about targets set for the next decade, whilst acknowledging that some progress has already been made.

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Climate Change


Climate Change – is aviation being used as a soft target?

The World Economic Forum is currently underway in Davos, Switzerland. Among the contributors are Al Gore, Greta Thunberg and Carsten Spore (Lufthansa CEO). In addition to climate change, live sessions are held each day covering topics such as biodiversity, artificial intelligence, protecting mental health in young people and countering superbug illnesses. 

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News round-up - first of 2020

Captain Dave Wallsworth BA A380

The good, the bad and the just plain silly…

Unfortunately there’s been yet another fume incident involving a British Airways A320. On approach into LHR, the first officer lost consciousness. Before donning his oxygen mask and declaring an emergency, the captain had noticed a smell of “old socks”. Nothing was reported by the flight attendants or passengers. In a very short statement, BA reported that the captain landed the plane safely, the first officer examined by

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The Miracle on the Hudson

US1549 Crew

A tale of teamwork, aircraft quality and good fortune

On 15 January 2009, US Airways 1549 took off from New York’s La Guardia Airport around 1526, bound for Charlotte North Carolina. On board were 150 passengers and 5 crew, led by Captain Chesley Sullenberger. Ninety seconds later, with the A320 climbing to 3000 feet, a flock of Canada geese collided with the aircraft. Several birds were ingested into the engines, causing catastrophic failure.

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