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New Routes Announced

Norwegian 787

New Routes and Cancellations...

SAA – slashed most of domestic network due to financial problems. International routes under intense scrutiny as loads are very poor.

Norwegian – handed back 14 slots for LHR. Financial difficulties continue?

Wizz – cancelled all flights from FRA. Another carrier that’s expanded too quickly??

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Stormy Landings


Goodbye Storm Ciara….

Plane spotters are either hardy or foolish, discuss! BigJet TV posted a video over 6 hours long, showing Sunday’s movements at London Heathrow. Apparently pitching up with a caravan, at least he was suitably dressed, although the goggles were over the top. The commentary lets this film down; being described as puerile and infantile, as some passengers could find the whole experience nerve-wracking. No doubt a generous fee was earned from Sky and other media outlets for their use of the clip showing a BA 777 aborted landing!

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Aircraft Paint Jobs

ANA A380

You can have any colour.....

With ANA’s third A380 recently being rolled out, we’ll look at why aircraft are painted. Some airlines, military and private owners choose something distinctive. Others are more minimalist, wanting to keep costs down.

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Latest Fleet Updates

Conviasa A340 200

New deliveries, leasing and a rare bird returns...

737MAX8 - Boeing predicts mid-2020 return as more disturbing information is released about the company’s culture and other systems malfunctions. Apparently, when LionAir requested more MAX8 training for pilots, it was met with derision. As expected Boeing's shares have plummeted, although their ex-CEO still walked away with $62million

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Climate Change - Part 2

Queue to climb Everest

Discussions from Davos

The World Economic Forum covered many subjects including cybersecurity, famine, migration and gender diversity. The Forum’s website contains plenty to read about targets set for the next decade, whilst acknowledging that some progress has already been made.

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