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More Flight Resumptions

Air Malta

The latest news

Again, not in any particular order:

Flydubai – to resume passenger flights. Dates and routes available on their website

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More Signs of Recovery

Gulf Air

Flight Resumptions, New Routes, Suspensions and Cancellations 

More information now available from around the world. Passenger loads will govern frequency. In no particular order or category:

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Signs of Recovery

Merkel One

The Good, the Bad and the In Between

As FlightRadar24 is now reporting increased traffic, here’s a list of airlines who have announced where and when they’ll be flying. Daily departures from mainland China’s 25 busiest airports is only showing 31% down on late-January. Total number tracked +10% over the last 7 days and +30% over past 30 days. However, the overall figure remains around half normally recorded. Many international carriers have resumed, in some cases with increased flight frequency.

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How to Store Your Fleet Safely

Aircraft Storage Jetstar

The challenges of storing aircraft

During the COVID crisis, there's been an overwhelming drop in demand for flights. Many aircraft parked, with no idea of when they would be used again. Some airlines have taken the opportunity to retire older aircraft, whilst others have placed them in storage around the world. Considering each carries a multi-million dollar price tag, where and how are they stored safely for a quick return to service?

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Aircraft Parachutes

airplane parachute

Saving Lives in General Aviation

On 31 May 2020, a Cirrus SR22 G-CTAM carried out an emergency landing in the UK, using a parachute attached to the airframe. FR24 records the aircraft took off from Exeter, ditching in the sea off Calshot Hampshire. Both occupants were uninjured. Portsmouth-based Plane Finder also tracked the aircraft as the transponder remained active throughout.

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